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Meet Exim Hero at the 7th Customs & Trade Compliance India Summit 2024

Improve Exim Claims Filing Efficiency by 90%.

19th April | Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport

About the 7th Customs & Trade Compliance India Summit 2024

The 7th Customs & Trade Compliance India Summit 2024 is an exclusive event, addressing the challenges of increasing trade volumes and stringent compliance regulations in India.

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Our Speakers

Individual Session Speaker

Paresh Bafna ( 19th April 2024 )

CEO, Exim Hero

With more than 10 years of experience and a deep understanding of Exim Operations & Claims Management, Paresh is set to share valuable insights on:

Session Name: Streamlining Exim Claims Processes for Better Profitability

  1. The Chaos of Exim Operations
  2. Evolution of Exim Operations and Claims Filing
    Comparison of Manual vs. Automated Filing Process-Cost and Time Evaluation
  3. Challenges of Data Extraction
  4. Challenges of Claims Processing
  5. Benefits of Standardized Automation in Exim Claims
Paresh Bafna

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As gold partners at this event, Exim Hero can offer a microscopic level of attention to your existing claims management process and enhance them by leveraging standardized automation, ensuring traceability via audit trail, greater data confidence, compliance with data protection norms, data purity, auto-tracking & utilization, and increased claim amount.

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